video Local artist finds inspiration in the strange and mundane

There are layers to a culture that can only be accessed through intimate interactions. As professional as you wish you could be, at any given moment, the rings around the onion peel off and fall away at the slightest hint of favoritism.

This is why local artist Jaime Margary is your main man when it comes to truly emotional pieces.

Produced by someone who lays bare his soul in each and every painting, every sculpture and doodle, his art gives you something to think about.

“Myth” by Jaime Margary.

His most recent painting, titled “Myth,” took him three weeks to complete.

You can feel the life emanating from the painting. Smoke billows from the chimney and there’s a light on inside the house; clearly there are creatures of intelligent ancestry dwelling within.

“I was obsessed with this song, Myth, while I painted Myth, and I listened to it a lot as it fit the mood, but I couldn’t find a name for the piece. One day I was listening to it, singing it as I stared at it to find a name. When the chorus came up (‘Help me to name it, help me to name it’) I knew just what to do.”

Margary said the painting is a prequel to the video he created for Roadkill Ghost Choir’s “Bird in my Window.”

“It actually had its premiere party on Feb. 2, the day before Karyna’s accident. I have not actually been successfully active in any projects since the accident, though I am now starting a new chapter having just moved in with Karyna and my dog and I intend to come back strongly into the art world.”

His friend Karyana Santana catapulted off her bicycle when a man hit her with his car.

“She has a tattoo on her side that says ‘BEAST,’ a reflection on her approach towards excelling and overcoming challenges,” said Margary.

Santana’s strength, paired his recent heartbreak, compelled him to create a world where men can strap themselves into their own personal spaceship and blast off into the sun.

He was in the shower when the idea struck him.

“I was still still a little wet when I wrote the singer [of Roadkill Ghost Choir] on Facebook and basically I was asking him for his blessings,” he said. “About six months later, I got the band together so they could see what I had done and it wasn’t what they were expecting.”

The band made his personal project the official YouTube for their song that night.

While much of his work comes from a deeply emotional place, Margary also draws inspiration from insights acquired while riding his bike and working in a mind-numbing environment.

“I was working at PetCo and I’d have an idea, wait for the next six customers, then I’d take out my notes next to the register, jot something down, bam, and when the manager came by, I’d hide it,” he said.

A sculpture of a Piranha Plant Jaime Margary created.

When painting and sculpting, he pays attention to the most minute detail, making sure every nuance is firmly expressed, as proportions for real and imaginary creatures alike, must be exact.

You might be able to catch him in his natural habitat at Austin’s Coffee on Fairbanks near the 17/92 intersection.

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