Bellows @ The Peacock Room

If you’ve heard the music of Bellows online through their Facebook or on, you’ve got to get off your ass and see them live.

I met these guys at the Fringe Festival when my feet took control of the command center in my brain and steered this ship toward the planet Bellows. After the show they told me about their gig at the TwoPiece Mini Fest at the Peacock Room on Friday, May 31. Naturally, I just had to see them again.

Ethereal manifestations poked their heads around the corners of my vision then evanesced right into thin air once Grey waved the neck of his guitar over the soundboard.

The figures I see are both real and not real at the same time, it’s true. If you’re familiar with Schrödinger and his otherworldly cat experiment, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

When listening to Grey on guitar, rocking that baby so sweetly in his arms, you are immediately transported to your soul’s great destination only to be brought back to reality once the echoes descend their reverberations back from the walls and sink into the dance floor in the Peacock’s main room.

This two-man band, featuring Alex Jayson Stringfellow and Grey Charnock, played like they were alone in the room, yet they channeled the good vibes emanating from the pretty girls in the front row who couldn’t help but jerk and sway to the beat.

“Hide Or Seek” is a mellow number with a catchy rhythm, easily swallowed up by the body and mind, sure to be one of those tunes that you can find lodged within your temporal lobe a few days after you hear it.

I might say that I like “Bright Like When” best. It starts off slow, then skips into this ringing melody, only to change completely within a second’s notice, dragging you willingly on this journey to the beyond and back.

Then, again, “By No Mistake” is almost hallucination-inducing with its dreamy string of light drumbeats and simple lyrics.

Whatever mood you’re going for, make sure you keep your mind open and let the good feelings roll over you when you hear Bellows live.

This band touches your head and your heart simultaneously, with no remorse.

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