WSJ love


I was just killing some time at Barnie’s during my four-hour break and I rediscovered my love for the Wall-Street Journal.

Today I learned:

* Myanmar Buddhists started a war with Islamists, despite their inherent policy of nonviolence.

* There’s a French artist who is revolutionizing the image (and real estate profitability margin) of his entire community, some say his Abode of a Chaos is a sore sight for the eyes.

* You can now install a rock climbing wall in your living room, thanks to a spiffy up-and-coming architect

* Disabled people are suing Amazon and Target because their shopping sites are not user-friendly enough.

* BlackBerry(s) aren’t faring too well on the market, though they’re my favorite mobile device.

* There is a new Bioshock game making a political statement about the racism in the U.S., despite admonitions that it wasn’t the designer’s intention.

* Pacino and Mirren’s film “Phil Spector” is a must-see.

* The wives of famous authors have influenced their works more than you’d think… and Studio Ghibli is releasing a new movie titled “From Up on Poppy Hill.”

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