UCF: Suspicious package disrupts classes, Orlando police investigate

A single helicopter buzzing around the center of the University of Central Florida campus made students driving to school today nervous.

William Robert Duke knew that the College of Sciences was closed off after he received a text from the UCF Alert system indicating a suspicious package left unattended was under investigation, Tuesday, Feb. 26.

The entire roadway was blocked in front of the college and a portion of the courtyard leading to the Student Union from the Health Sciences building was taped off, barring access to classrooms within.

“I probably would’ve run into the tape eventually,” Duke said. He’s already received a bachelor’s in fine arts and is now pursuing a degree in business administration.

Some students were disrupted mid-class when the evacuation took place.

“My laptop is in there,” said Jacob Zinger, a health sciences major on the pre-clinical track.

“I just got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back, they said I couldn’t enter the building,” said Zinger.

There were rumors going around proposing different ideas as to where the package was located and what it contained.

One passerby said it would be funny if someone left it as a present in commemoration of UCF’s 50th anniversary.

Chad Binette, director of UCF News and Information, said the package turned out to be nothing morw than a taped up box containing harmless computer equipment.

It was found on the second floor of the College of Sciences building.

Before he was given the all-clear, he said they had to evacuate the building as a safety precaution.

This is the fifth suspicious package to have been found on campus, he said.

“The last was a kind of geocaching device,” Bennet said. “I can’t remember what the third one was.”

By 3:30 p.m. the bomb squad had deemed the area safe and classes resumed as usual.

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