Republicans dread four more years of President Obama

Dan Swanson, who was on the Florida Romney staff, sulks in a corner of the hallway upon news of Obama’s victory.

“Progress comes in fits and starts, it’s not a smooth transition,” said President Obama in his re-election speech this morning. The Republicans who supported Mitt Romney would certainly agree that the last four years were hard to live through.

At the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Orlando last night, the Right wept for their loss in this year’s election. Marion Campbell said that those who voted for Obama would realize, in 10 years, that they had made a big mistake.

“I’m so disillusioned,” said Campbell, “not about Romney, but about America.”

John Tegg, who ran for Orange County Sheriff for the third consecutive year, said he wanted to get more officers in the streets to increase the police force.

She is a conservative who doesn’t judge a person based on their sexual preference or social status, she is simply a woman who has worked hard to earn every bit of her income and she wants to see the same degree of fervor within the hearts of young people for future generations.

Campbell said, “We spend the most money in education in the world and yet we’re 27th in the world. That’s the question that nobody’s asks: Why?”

“We need to have someone like Romney to get us out of this quagmire,” said David Simmons, who won the position of state senator for district 10.

David Simmons (left) who won as state senator for district 10 in Florida.

“We need some direction that is toward free enterprise, individual rights, and less government,” said Simmons. “The government is not the solution to all of our problems.”

In the Valencia College survey, which gauged students’ positions in the polls, the majority said they wanted to keep Obama in the office. The reason: They don’t want to lose their grants and loans.

Will the weight of the young rest on the shoulders of the aging working class or will the national debt be passed down in time?

There are other factors to take into consideration, as Robert Wynn, a Vietnam veteran suggested.

Rob Yacabucci’s button reads, “Does this ass make my butt look big?” with a caricature of Obama pictured above.

“When you vote someone in, you give them a chance for four years,” said Wynn.

“When they don’t live up to their promises, it’s like getting married twice. You wouldn’t repeat that mistake again.”

People began trickling out of the ballroom well before Obama won his 270 electoral votes. Many said if either Ohio or California leaned toward the Democratic side, there would be no hope for Romney as president.

And, thus, the hypothesis proved correct.

President Obama will be given another shot at changing the nation, one issue at a time–whether serious right-wingers like it or not.

“I hope the younger generation gets a fire in their hearts,” Campbell said. “I hope they want to create, to build, but I’m afraid they don’t.

Marion Campbell drinking coffee to supplement her increasingly fowl mood, before the results were in.

After 20 years of building her own business she said, “Now, I think I’ll quit my job. I’ll just work at Starbucks and hand out coffee and smile,” getting a cue from the pillar of cardboard and creamer set off to the side of the flat screens streaming poll results.

“Yeah, I think I’ll just paint and live off the money I saved. It’s so sad, I give up.”

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