Intelligent life beyond this planet

Written by Joe Hill 

Most people cannot fathom life beyond this world we live upon because most do not understand what is beyond our planet. Take a quick quiz with me. When you look at the sky at night, what do you see? Most will say moon and stars. Some will say Angels. Others will attempt to name one of the more Famous stars like Alpha Centauri or such. The truth is, we are looking at maybe 4 blinking lights that are planets that are reflecting light from our sun. The rest of the lights in the sky are “Stars” or in some cases whole galaxies that appear as one light because they are so far out, the cluster of stars that is a galaxy appears as one light, but in general, that what a star is , A SUN. When we look at the sky at night, we are seeing a thousand million billion SUNS. Our sun (star) is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. There are over 600 million suns in the Milky Way. There are over 100 million galaxies in the Known universe. In recent years NASA has verified many many planets around many suns. Science has to know these things through verification not just supposition. Now they have that.

There is no doubt that there is intelligent life beyond this planet. Any doubters?


  1. Hmm … I happen to feel that life elsewhere is more than likely… but beyond doubt? Your argument contains the statement that ‘Science has to know these things through verification not just supposition’ ….However, life elsewhere has yet to be ‘verified’. Aren’t you in fact simply making a supposition based on probability?


    • I have worked along side people who work in this field. Information was shared with me many years ago about the Roswell incident. It is my understanding that the event was real. The litle Grays are just one of teh Species out there. If we look at the evidence that is in front of our eyes: cave drawings thousands of years old of rocket ships, entities in space suits, Hieroglyphics showing alien visitations, the Bible talking of flying machines, etc. The evidence is right in front of us. It is usually religion that keeps people from admitting taht there are others. Government studies done after the Roswell incident advised government officials not to let the general public know of there existence because it was feared that the information would disrupt the fabric of society. Since then there has been a massive effort to expose this knowledge in other indirect ways. Movies depicting aliens, both good and bad etc. I am a devoted Christian that is not religious. Religion tells us many things that are not in God’s words. For further explanation from me on this subject check my web site out for more details.


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