Memory Redirect

Have you ever wondered which Internet browser is the safest for you? Has the mass server collapse on the west coast got your computer acting a little funny?

Well, the conspiracies are coming true!

Scientists in Italy are using lab rats to discover the link between man and machine–they’re simply fusing them together; easy as pie.

The French are still tweaking their black hole creation device to harness the energy of spacetime particle matter as an alternative source for energy.

And Denmark just cow piles.

There’s something amiss, here, over in America; where we spend a lot of time online and not a lot of time outside.

Why don’t we go do something with our lives instead entertaining ourselves to death.

I mean, I can understand that our nationally recognized psychiatrists (insourced from India, of course) have coined the term “ADD” as a sort of all encompassing panacea for the problems of youth.

I rest my case.

I wanted to share, with you guys, a neat little site I found on the Internet, while I was also building my own existence from scrap through blog sites and Shutterfly and Hotmail, just to prove that I was alive.

I think our obsession is our salvation, here in the states… as much of a timesuck as it is.

Humans don’t build monuments anymore–no way, Jose!

We can’t afford to have faith in a damn thing. Frankly, we’re so poor, we have to record 200 shows on the TiVo just so we can say we have something to talk to our brethren about.

What an excuse.

Anyway, open your eyes. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, do everybody a favor and protect it.

I’ve been seeing more and more ads online, so have you, but I’ve also been reading a lot about the world via sites like National, StumbleUpon and and I think to myself, hey life isn’t half bad is it? We humans have come a long way with our technology.

But where are the hover cars, for real?

And where’s the camera in the TV in the bar of a local pub where some lonely man sits hiding his writing so Big Brother don’t see?

We need to own up for our shortcomings and accept the fact that our race is really starting to depend on electronic devices in order to fuller evolve our brains. It’s not a bad thing, is it?

I’m being contradictory.

So, what I was trying to say is: “Chrome has a new memory usage app found in their settings window. Check it out…”

Know your rights. Protect your computer. Personalize your life. It’s only going to become permanent.

(But, really, we should allocate some money from the wigs into building random monuments everywhere. Discovery Channel says our buildings couldn’t survive another 100 years in this weather without our upkeep. Those Egyptians, man, they really knew a thing or two that we can’t understand.)

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