DIY Trinket Earrings

Love keys… love old stuff… love these earrings. Good job, Megan! This girl posts so much, it’s like she’s just begging for someone to ignore her. Fat chance. ❤

Make Something Mondays!

Hello all!

I’ve got a quick and easy DIY for you this week. These are pretty darn cute and take about 5 mins to put together, literally.

You can find trinkets at any craft store. I’m sure Walmart has something your could work with as well. These could make a fun gift too!



Things You Will Need:

2 Clasps
2 Trinkets
2 Earring hooks

I am sure there is a correct name for all of these things but I have no idea what they are so, we are just going to go with the above.



Step 1:

Attach a clasp to your trinket.


Step 2:

Attach the earring hook to your clasp. Repeat for the second earring.




Easy enough right? I like them and probably would’ve bought them if I saw them in a store.:-)

Happy crafting!

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