Marine Fascination Sweeps the Nation

As the drug-addled brains of college-bound kids abound, some now find solace in the ashes of their anti-climactic paper trophies, in favor of a new hobby. It’s called the Saltwater Aquarium.

Alumni from schools the state over are telling me they can’t find a single thing to do that involves utilizing the Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree they just spent the last of their loans on.

More and more young adults are either moving back in with the folks and saving money after college or they are shipping out and moving onto bigger and better things.

One of which includes the pursuit of the elusive “perfect saltwater tank set up.”

Recently, the “New York Times” printed an article about the rising addiction of high school students to the drug Adderal, then followed the story with another centering around the similarities between humans and animals. The kicker: we all have the same spontaneous disposition toward pushing it to the max.

In this year of 2012, it is in my experience that those in college are possessed by one obsession or another. Whether it’s binge-drinking in a constant competition for the Manliest Man on the Block or you’re that babe competing with herself for the position as Hottest Chick Who Can Play FPS, there are really hobbies for everyone here in the heart of Florida.

By this end of this year, while the pre-apocalyptic war on reanimated flesh is just about to break out, 20-somethings are learning to micromanage complex life systems in hopes of, what?

Finally being able to control their own lives amid all the chaos?


So, statistics show more and more people are getting into this hobby in the Central Florida.

Some are opting to bypass the sun and find shelter in an indoor hobby… which is a little on the expensive side, I might say.

And it shows in the skyrocketing sales of our local fish stores.

An example of which includes our spotlight on the blog tonight.

Introducing, Top Shelf Aquatics, located on Aloma on the east side of the intersection of Aloma and 436.

This can all be yours! For the mere price of a sump, tank stand, and tank–of course–and a handful of Damsels.

The store is within close proximity to student hotspots like Taco Bell, UCF’s main campus, and the nearest GameStop, which is just west on Aloma.

The opening for Top Shelf took place on June 2, a little over a month ago, and the college grad guys who run the place blend a club-like atmosphere with the eye-popping appeal of a dead head poster bathed in black light.

The hobby of building saltwater tanks is sweeping over the minds of restless gamers, caught halfway between studying frantically for, Full Sail, Rollins, and UCF exams and these fellas have put in their time, pooled their resources, and come out on top of the industry, in my humble opinion.

And its apparent customer base couldn’t be closer to home.

If you are interested in learning a little more about saltwater aquariums and want to know if this might be the right hobby for you, come on down to Top Shelf or any store near you and just take a peak!

There is a conference coming up July 21, at the Holiday Inn & Conference Center on Wickham Road. There will be a booth set up for more information on the co-owners’ plans for the store.

Additional vendors will also be located on the premises during this time. 

Top Shelf is also having a major blow out sale in August, so start saving for your next hobby now so you can a least have the hopes of leaving something both intricate and beautiful behind, in the form of an entire ecosystem, right inside your own living room.


    • Sì. Watching the show on fish tank builders for the rich and famous on … uhhh … Discovery? A&E? BET? PMS? Channel has wet my appetito for a humungoloidious amd unique tank. Rule #1: Tank must be larger than the living room.


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