Classic Games Brought Back to Life

PlayStation Network is now re-releasing classic titles for digital download. Along with a slew of games to choose from, Legend of Mana is one of the latest PS one games to be introduced to the PS3 and how lucky we gamers are to be able to venture into the world of Fa’Diel again.

Legend of Mana goes for $299, new on That’s the price of an unopened, unscratched, un-breathed-on CD, which only the truly devout collectors might pay. And you wouldn’t want to ruin the pristine case by actually playing it, would you? Not after you spent 300 bucks on the thing.

Just last week PlayStation Network (PSN) released Legend of Mana for $6 a download, straight to your PS3 or PSP. With the help of our little friend, technology, you could never ruin this version of the game, the music never skips a beat, and you won’t ever miss a mission again due to an irreparable scratch in your disc from years of wear.

I’ll say first hand that the new low price I paid for it, doesn’t undermine how extraordinarily fantastic Legend of Mana is, years after its release in 2000.

If you’ve never played the game, now is your chance to immerse yourself in this world where you’re the hero, whether you like it or not.

Visit Ancient Wisdoms who impart fatherly advice with a touch of awe. Forge and temper weapons out of steel, lorant iron, and wood. Create magical instruments that summon spirits to blast your opponents with wind and fire. And rescue sirens in distress of luring the wrong man with their song.

Unlike your regular puzzle game or shooter, Legend of Mana gives you a sense of having a home away from home, as soon as the music begins to play. You can cozy up in your own orchard and plant seeds that yield strange fruit or you can travel to the beach, the desert, a pit full of haunted toys, a school for young Magi or the Underworld.

I personally like to talk to all of the characters walking around – sometimes they tell you something different, depending on what day it is and what events unfold around them.

If you’re an old fan of the classic PS one, rest assured, you can now relive your life through one of your favorite stories without fear of ever wearing it out, thanks to PSN. Unless, by some ill fate, your hard drive becomes corrupted, of course, in which case I’d say this is one save file you must back up!

Here’s a list of other PS one games available for download.

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  1. Re: Old games -Joe’s middle school friends were all “freaked” about his old gameboy games like leafgreen? They acted like it was a new discovery. Old always becomes new again – look at bellbottomw called flares now


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