Spring Break 2011

So, we’re on the road again.

I had just come back from Ft. Pierce to try and liberate a car (a Cougar, to be exact) from the pawn shop Bob works for, but a few things went awry, others fell through, and voila! No car for Chris…

Saturday, at least. We had some fun while we were down there, saw the kiddos-who are absolutely gorgeous and full of life!-and I promised to be back Monday, but after Monday’s and Tuesday’s… and Saturday’s time spent on the road, I didn’t think I’d make it back to Ft. Pierce to see Lauren and the girls. I feel so so bad about that, but I honestly can’t afford (nor can my car take the beating of) driving back there again.

I can’t wait to build some sand castles with them on the beach, though. I remember going to the beach almost every day during the summer when I was a kid. I couldn’t stay away from the beach, and I had the red, peeling nose to prove it.

Good times.

So Monday, Dylan and I decided to visit my best friend Kwani and rehash some old memories, by living them over again, literally. Beer pong and a kiss in the back seat of a car were about all the night amounted to. I need to see that girl more, but 2.5 hours is a far drive when you’re taking the back roads off S.R. 50 and there are beautiful cows mooing alongside the road to distract you from keeping a straight path.

Drained and weary, we go out to a friend’s of Dylan’s last night-it’s Eric Fagan’s birthday-Mardi Gras, theater kids style. That was tons of fun. Talking about black holes and religion and how we’re all we’re all almost telepathically connected through the internet were a few of the highlights. Oh, and cheap Bourbon Whiskey, too.

This about concludes the brief look into the life of me. Now documented for me to grasp on purpose, or stumble upon by accident, some time in the near future to rediscover what a silly fool I can be sometimes… scratch that, at all times.

Now, for some Spring Cleaning.


[edit]Oh, and I figured out how to connect the Mac and my phone, via bluetooth, so I can stream images and songs to and from each device. Guess I can scrape out that little nagging voice telling me to get a new phone.[/edit]

[edit]Oh, and Chris did buy a Saturn off a guy on Craigslist and registered it, insured it, got a plate-the whole works. I’m so proud of him. Freedom![/edit]

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